Monday, February 6, 2017

Authors & Books

I'm excited to let those dropping by to know a few of the author pages have been finished, these will have reviews of the book I've read, links to the ebook, where to purchase the single or series (I'm partial to reading series. I can't resist them.) and how to contact and find more info on the author.

Things are moving steadily, but slowly as not only is the site a rather large project, but life tends to need me to engage too. I only have enough energy for a certain amount of things, so I'm trying to keep a balance. Stress over finances, bills and the typical issues for someone who's not well off does get to me as it does others. Depression isn't conducive to productivity.

So I will continue to add more pages, more authors and try to read more so I can add more content and reviews. I'm also working on other projects which take time away, but they help out mentally so I need to use the spoons to pursue them. I'm still looking into getting some way to get donations or other ideas to help fund this project, but so far it's too early for most of them.

Okay, time for me to get out of here and get back to work. I've still a few hours before I need to get dinner made so I'll be working on the site for a bit. Thanks for taking the time to check in and see what's happening.

Anyway, have a great week everyone, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

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