Monday, July 17, 2017

Life's like a Rollercoaster

Things have gotten a bit crazy, mostly it's life, my health and my current living situation. It's nothing anyone can do anything about, But I figure I should at least let you all know I'm still around and not fallen off the planet. Haven't hitched a ride off either, sadly. Things are really getting scary and dangerous in places.

But even though things have been a bit down hill, the site will still get some updates as I can do them. I lost access to a bunch of stuff when my hard drive died, so there was a little issue with that. Had some utility bill shortages, but at least things stayed on. Life likes to toss out a few curve balls now and then to make sure we're paying attention.

It may be some time before I can put in more time updating though. At least until some issues are taken care of and I'm feeling better. I may need to take a bit of a break until I can get back. But I will be back, that you can be sure of - I will continue with my site.

So stay safe out there, take care of each other and hold onto your dreams.

Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm back to work

I'm back, working on the site and still dealing with a bit of hacking, though it's not as bad. Take that big bad Bronchitis bug! I've been able to read a few more ebooks, they are outstanding and I really enjoyed them. So after I put the reviews into the authors pages, add links and info they'll be ready to go. So loving this project, I'm finding so many creative people who have wonderful stories to share. I can't wait to share these authors with those who stop by the website.

There's more ebooks to add to some pages with series and I'm trying to keep up with the additional works some authors have. I may add links to their other works that are in other genres which I don't read, just as a way to let others know about them.

I've been working on a few craft projects, need to get off the computer sometimes and do other things. Plus there are household chores to do also, they won't do themselves unfortunately. The monthly bill paying, the juggling to make sure things are covered and trying to figure out ways to make my disability stretch a bit farther.

Don't worry, I've still more ebooks to listen to while I'm crafting, so I may have some more stories to add to the site. There will always be more being updated since I simply love to read. I do need to set some time aside to get back to my writing too. So I may look into doing something about that.

Till next time, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Murphy's Law and Super bugs

Just when you think it's safe to get back to working, a big bad bug says, "Not going to happen."

Wonderful, right? Get the tech into shop, get the upgrades and updates too. Make sure things are ready to roll and all of a sudden... I'm hacking like a 40 year smoker!

Quick drop in to the doctor informs me I've got Bronchitis. Now isn't that just peachy. My head is stuffy and foggy, my throat hurts, my chest aches (thanks to all the coughing) while I've got work to do. So now it's waiting for me to get better. Never fails, Murphy's law strikes again. Not sure which one it is, but 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.' come to mind.

Of course it happens when it's unexpected and at the worst possible time. I was amused enough to tell a friend and they looked up the site. Thanks, now I can see what screw ups are waiting for me later on, lovely.

If you would like to take a look at a list of Murphy's Laws and some extra ones as well, like Sturgeon's Law check out the link.

Murphy's Laws

But I will regroup and move forward again. It just might take a while to do so, as I was told Bronchitis tends to linger even after you're feeling better. Along with the cough which can stick around up to several weeks. Great, just what I wanted to hear.

I've posted this to keep anyone who follows this blog informed and updated. But with that, I'm going to be taking my medicine, finish up my herbal tea and flopping into bed for the next 10-12 hours if possible.

With luck I will feel better when I wake up, but I doubt it. Tomorrow I'm going to use my secret weapon on this chest bug. I'll be brewing up my homemade chicken soup and downing a few bowls. Repeating the process of herbal tea, meds and sleep till I'm able to focus on work again. Wish me well, I'll need it.

So take care, stay healthy and safe, it's crazy out there. Keep your dreams alive and focus on your goals if you have some. You got this, keep moving forward!
I'll return again after I've recovered.

Carpe Diem!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Techno Hiccup!

Well, unfortunately, the fickle gods of technology have decided to strike and things have slowed down due to the main computer acting up. I'm going to have to spend a day doing diagnosis and figure out what's wrong.

My laptop seems to be fried as its refused to boot up, even with a hard reset. The main one seems to be having some power unit issues, and I'm needing a fan or two in the case to help cool things down. May have to redo the thermal past on the CPU, it's been a while. Could use a RAM update too while I'm at it as well.

Guess I'll be looking around to see who's upgrading PC parts and try to get their hand-me-downs. As for the laptop, it's likely going to need some tech level diagnostics, so it's shop time for it.

Well, just another hiccup in life, a speed bump on the pathway - nothing to do but do what can be done. Then figure out a way to deal with the fallout, pick a new path and get back on track

So, once things are figured out, I'll be right back at work on the site, updating, adding, and getting things done. One way of another, things will get moving forward again. This won't derail my projects, just delay them a bit.

Take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!
(Even when the tech gods mess up your stuff! Just keep finding a way to move forward.)

Carpe Diem!

Monday, February 13, 2017

More Authors pages added.

Yes, I've done some more authors pages and got their ebooks in, reviews done and links coded. Not sure what takes the most time, the reading, the reviews, editing, creating the pages, coding pages, digging up the info on the authors, images of the ebooks or updating links.

Finally got some marketing done, updated the Meta tags, added some more links and saved some sites who offer affiliate links. I'll need to do it eventually to get up funds for the domain and hosting costs. But it's passive mostly, and I'm hoping to do it only with things I think are useful anyway.

I may need a break from the site as I've a bunch of ebooks ready and waiting. So it's a bit tempting to go get started on them. I'd listen while working, but it doesn't work if I'm coding as I can't focus on either. It has to be one or the other. Though I can crochet while listening, which allows me to work on a few other projects at the same time.

I've thought about showcasing an author I really like, plus they are consistent with putting out really good stories regularly. In fact, more than one series as well, which is really impressive. Not sure when I'll start putting those out, for now it's a seed of an idea. I'll have to think about it for a bit longer. I really want to go about it the right way, build a template and get it done properly. So it may happen, but not just yet.

Well, I think I'll end things here. It's past lunch and my stomach is making some rather aggressive noises, so I think I best get something to eat. No one wants to tick off the dragon inside their belly, it can get painful if it starts to chomp.

So take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where'd the time go?

Ever wonder where all your time is going when you're writing or wanting to write. You tell yourself you're going to hit those word count goals today.

But then something happens and time disappears before you know it. Where did it all go? How did hours simply vanish?

Well, there's something called life. It's true. Life can take a large chuck of time each day. From doing the most mundane things, like shopping, laundry and walking the dog. To the other needed things, like banking, work or school. Then you got the real time drainers, like going to see a doctor, getting a car fixed or the many obligations we are tied to.

There's also something called time sinks, those things we do which tend to eat up time like pac-man eating up pellets. These steal time due to our lack of discipline and willpower.

It's those moments online where you drop in on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site. We only plan to stay for a few minutes, update or post, maybe check out what a few people are doing and then go tackle the email.

Then while in email, a message comes over and we go chat a few with a friend. Then stop to check out a link they sent, go back to the email, hop back over to the social media cause there was an email notice about someone posted on our timeline.

Before long it's been hours and the email is still only half done! To add to this problem, what if you have more than one email! Like one personal and one business. I know some who have even more! One for family, one for specific groups and separate businesses.

Hopefully, with discipline and a bit of willpower, those who want to write will be able to manage there time better and resist getting lost in the social media maze.

Time is limited, so it's not a good idea to waste it. Running a business, spending time on a hobby or even just juggling work, family and relationships are all time intensive. Time can disappear faster than a crowd at a party when the free food and drinks are gone. It's in your best interest to use it wisely.

Even I need to remember to keep a better watch on time. It's up to all of us to make sure we spend it cautiously and carefully. It's more precious than money, since you can go make more money. But no one can give you more time. Once it's passed, it's gone. Make sure you spend it doing something you enjoyed. Don't forget to make memories to cherish later. It isn't all about work, deadlines, chores and schedules. We need to set aside time to care for our mental health too. Especially when doing something that is mentally intensive like writing or other creative outlets. Physical burnouts aren't the only kind, mental burnouts are just as harsh.

Spending time with those you care about the most will never be wrong. It's the best investment of time, because there's no guarantee they or you will be here tomorrow. So do and say what's in your heart today. Living life in the present moment is the best way to spend time. Plus you get the experiences and memories you need to tap into when you're writing from your heart.

Okay, time to me to stop typing and go spend a bit more time with my family. With the way things go I'm never sure who's here or not. Besides, I best let them know I haven't kicked the bucket yet. Schedules have been so crazy lately.

Till next time, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Authors & Books

I'm excited to let those dropping by to know a few of the author pages have been finished, these will have reviews of the book I've read, links to the ebook, where to purchase the single or series (I'm partial to reading series. I can't resist them.) and how to contact and find more info on the author.

Things are moving steadily, but slowly as not only is the site a rather large project, but life tends to need me to engage too. I only have enough energy for a certain amount of things, so I'm trying to keep a balance. Stress over finances, bills and the typical issues for someone who's not well off does get to me as it does others. Depression isn't conducive to productivity.

So I will continue to add more pages, more authors and try to read more so I can add more content and reviews. I'm also working on other projects which take time away, but they help out mentally so I need to use the spoons to pursue them. I'm still looking into getting some way to get donations or other ideas to help fund this project, but so far it's too early for most of them.

Okay, time for me to get out of here and get back to work. I've still a few hours before I need to get dinner made so I'll be working on the site for a bit. Thanks for taking the time to check in and see what's happening.

Anyway, have a great week everyone, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome to DKMS Publishing!

I'm very happy to finally be moving forward with the blog and website. It's been a difficult, but things are finally starting to come together.
If you have visited the site you'll know I'm legally blind. Yes, I still have some vision. I've not much peripheral, my depth perception isn't too good and I'm limited to about 4' usable site. And that's with corrective lenses too. Without glasses I'm limited to a smart phone with large icons & big print. Thank goodness for color, or it would be even harder to figure things out.

So things are now getting done, before the coding was driving me a bit crazy. But since those things are now working, I can move on to other pages on the site. Design can be a bit hard to get just right sometimes, but I'm happy with the current results.

There's still a lot of work to do, the big launch won't happen just yet. There are ebooks I need to read, reviews I've got to write and pages to update or add. It's a regular process I'm trying to keep on so I can get the site current.

Once the site has been updated I'll post here about the authors and some of their ebooks. There will be even more authors being added regularly, and with some luck maybe I'll eventually try to add some interviews with authors, showcases for new ebooks and news about the site listed right here.

As for now, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive.

The Editor
L. A. Starr

DKMS Publishing