Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm back to work

I'm back, working on the site and still dealing with a bit of hacking, though it's not as bad. Take that big bad Bronchitis bug! I've been able to read a few more ebooks, they are outstanding and I really enjoyed them. So after I put the reviews into the authors pages, add links and info they'll be ready to go. So loving this project, I'm finding so many creative people who have wonderful stories to share. I can't wait to share these authors with those who stop by the website.

There's more ebooks to add to some pages with series and I'm trying to keep up with the additional works some authors have. I may add links to their other works that are in other genres which I don't read, just as a way to let others know about them.

I've been working on a few craft projects, need to get off the computer sometimes and do other things. Plus there are household chores to do also, they won't do themselves unfortunately. The monthly bill paying, the juggling to make sure things are covered and trying to figure out ways to make my disability stretch a bit farther.

Don't worry, I've still more ebooks to listen to while I'm crafting, so I may have some more stories to add to the site. There will always be more being updated since I simply love to read. I do need to set some time aside to get back to my writing too. So I may look into doing something about that.

Till next time, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

Carpe Diem!

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