Monday, July 17, 2017

No Pay, No Workday.

Hey there, I know... haven't been around for a while. But things have been rather troublesome in the last few months. I know I'm supposed to be in here keeping things updated, but I don't always have the ability to do so.

But since things need to be updated, I'm going to be posting a couple of things to get everyone up to speed. Currently, there are issues with computers. There is a problem getting funds transferred to get things for and people paid too.

But keep an eye out for a couple of updates in the next week or so. I'll be posting about some great new reads which have recently come out. So I'll be getting working on getting those ready to put up soon. Need to get with the web designer and see if the site can be updated with this info as well.

Until later, I hope you are all well and good. Keep positive if you can and stay safe out there.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Back to Work

Things will start to be picking up again now that the designer has a temporary set up to get working on the site again. Here's hoping all the other technical and health issues will soon be gone. It's time to get back to work.

The site should be updated within the next two weeks. There are resources yet to add, more authors to add, along with their works. There's also a book shop coming to offer even more titles.

There will be services listed that do print-on-demand, if you're wanting a copy of an ebook to hold. There are listings for cover art creators and also full services available for self publication. There are a wide range of prices for these. Make sure you pay for only the services you need and read all contracts completely.

I will continue to keep things up to date here, information about the site and more is my contribution. That and reading the works of those authors of interest for our listing.

For now, stay safe and reach for the stars every day.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Murphy's Law Reigns

I wish to offer my apologies to those who'd been expecting to hear from The Editor. As things would go, along with the various tech dying and needed repairs, a bunch of us bio units have got sick. Including me, the glue in the binding of this here blog.

To be quite plain, progress has been temporarily halted while both bio and tech are repaired and made well. But since it looks like a respiratory infection, plus one's got bronchitis too, it may be a while before things are moving along again.

Add to this the fact new hardware is going to need installing, along with fresh OS installations. (Those are always a real nightmare in my experience. What with drivers, updates and tweaking it all. No thanks.) Plus the software needs to be added again too. Thankfully the data was backed up or things would really be messed up.

I found this to be a rather typical event of Murphy's Law... whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Both when you are unlikely to expect it and at the worst possible time. This is the situation we find ourselves in. And more laws are popping up as we go along. If you would like to take a look at a list of Murphy's Laws and some extra ones as well, like Sturgeon's Law check out the link.

Murphy's Laws

But this situation will not deter our intrepid band, we will regroup and once more move forward. It just might take a while to do so, but we will overcome this situation. Please be patient with us, as it will take time to get back up to speed.

With this post, I've fulfilled my current obligation to keep all of this blogs visitors informed and updated. So with that, I will be taking my medicine, finish my herbal tea and be going to bed for the next 10-12 hours if possible.

With luck I will feel better when I emerge. I hope, but if not I will be repeating the process with liberal doses of chicken soup and more medicine.

So stay healthy out there. If the bug has bitten you, please take care and get some rest. I'll return again, once I'm fully recovered.

Peace and Rest

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Technological Fobar!

Well, thanks to the fickle gods of technology, things are down to a very slow pace. Seems a few of the tech devices have become none responsive.

Two laptops have refused to boot up, three computers, including the one working on the website are non responsive and won't boot into Windows, so there are some very frustrated and stressed out people here these last few days.

It took me some time to locate a laptop I could log into the blog to deliver the unpleasant news of our tech melt down. One PC is stating there's an invalid partition, but despite multiple repair runs, it's still down.

Another is not even finding the main drive in bios, nothing but bad luck all around. One's pretty much dead, the power charger isn't charging it up, even though the lights on, there's no power to start it up.

So, till the tech is sorted out, repaired or replaced, not much is going to be happening website side. I'll keep things updated here as things progress, one way or another.

Hope everyone has no tech issues and stay safe out there.
Carpe Diem!